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About us

Sell Smart For Cash – Equipped with the Best Smartphone Recycling System

With the advancement of technology, companies come up with new features in smart phones every day. People want to get new phones as soon as a new features comes up in the market. The real problem occurs when one has to dispose off or resell the old one. Everyone wants to sell out old handsets at a handsome price. Sell Smart For Cash is customer friendly organization that recycles iPhones , ipads as well as tablets and offers you the right amount of cash for it.


The mission of Sell Smart For Cash is to recycle old handsets conveniently. Even if they are faulty or defected, the customer gets an appropriate worth for it according to its market value. We accept all kind of handsets; either they are broken, used or come without any fault. You do not need to throw away your phone to the trash anymore. You have no idea how dangerous it can be for our environment as well as our future generations. There are many toxins inside the smart phones that can be very harmful and destructive. The best way to make sure your phone does not harm others is to sell your phone for recycling.

Company Overview

Sell Smart For Cash is one of the best online phone recycling companies today as it works efficiently in buying old smart phones and paying the right amount to the seller. Recycling old phones is a noble cause. A damaged phone when left out might harm the environment because of its lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and other material placed inside phones. We send these phones to developing countries if they can be refurbished. They act as our strategic partners and we make sure they make good use of these old phones. Hence we are committed to bring an impact on economy which is just amazing.


Customer satisfaction is what drives us at the most. The perception of our customers about us is the most important thing for us and we make sure we earn our customers’ pleasure and contentment. We provide the best possible price to the smart phones in accordance with their market value. It has been proved by the researches that a handset comes with an average shelf life of around twenty four months for a specific customer. After this time span, disposing it off becomes a headache for a mobile phone user. No worries, we are here to solve this issue and make your new purchase easier for you.

Contact Us

Contacting Sell Smart For Cash is easy if you may have any query or question. If you have placed your order, intend to get some additional information or have any reservation, then for sure you may reach us through provided phone numbers for a voice conversation. You may call us at 0871 789 4810 during working hours from Monday to Friday. However, if you want to correspond through email regarding any of your queries, then send us an email at info@sellsmartforcash.co.uk any time. We can assure you that we’ll get back to you within 24 to 48 hours.