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About us

Our lives revolve around our mobile phones these days. And mobile phone manufacturers are well aware of this dependency and monetising it. They are, therefore, designing the mobile phones that do not last longer than two years and are heavily investing heavily into bringing innovation to their designs.

And most of are drawn towards these newer models discarding the old ones. Have you ever wonder what happens to them? These unused mobile phones comprise of toxic chemicals that are released upon their accumulation in landfills, harming our environment.

As a responsible human, we are obliged to take care of our environment. By selling your old mobile phone instead of throwing it away in the garbage, sell your unused mobile phones to logo and receive a handsome cash for its worth in return.


We sailed our ship on a purposeful voyage i.e. to protect the environment from damaged caused by e-waste. Our mission is to free our environment from the pollution produced by the unused mobile phones. We buy your defected and unwanted handsets and recycle them, bringing them to a usable state. And warm your pockets with a good amount of money your mobile phone is worthy of.

Company Overview

Sell Smart for Cash is a UK-based recycling company that is best at what it does. The company recycles your mobile phones for a noble cause. The useless and damaged mobile phones that you sell us are recycled and brought into use. We examine the condition of your unwanted mobile phones. Refurbish them and set them up for someone else’s use, if possible. Otherwise, we separate its parts and make sure to discard it properly so that it cannot harm the environment.


We highly value our customers as they play the most important part in achieving the noble cause we are working on. Customer’s satisfaction is what drives us the most. We always ensure to leave our customers full of content. We always provide them with handsome prices, in comparison to the market, even if the mobile phones they bring to us are in worst condition.

Contact Us

SellSmartforCash has made it very easy for the customers to reach out to them. If you have any query related to the order you placed or have the intention to gain additional information about it. You can email us your queries at info@sellsmartforcash.co.uk.