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Christmas has arrived earlier this year for an army of iPhone addicts! They are done with their old iPhones and they are looking into one direction – The New iPhone 6. For them, their old iPhone practically doesn’t exist anymore and their only concern is how to ditch it and earn some on it. Luckily, there are several ways to capitalize from their old iPhones. Here is step by step guide how to make the most money from your old iPhone.

How To Sell

Source: thepoke.co.uk

Before dipping into the mastery of making money from an old iPhone you need to erase all of your personal data from it. Many people simply forget to do so and soon end up regretting that. The reason is because some technicians who will be repairing the phone or someone else in some recycle centre can come to your personal data and abuse it. Therefore, before you make a step, holdback for a moment and hit “Erase All Content and Settings”. That way you be ripped off or even lose your own identity. This is how that goes.

Also, you need to unregister your iPhone from the iCloud account. What you need to do is to lot into Apple support using your ID, select your iPhone form the given list and select “Unregister”. Many people simply forget to do so and in the process open a free gateway to their personal data.

Once you are done with that the next must do step is to make a factory restart. Of course, before you do that it’s recommended to make a backup, otherwise you lose literary everything you had stored on it. First you need to go to Settings from where you need to select “General”, afterwards scroll all the way to the bottom where you will come across “Erase All Content and Settings”. Finally, you will be asked to confirm the factory reset by selecting “Erase iPhone”. 

The entire process is pretty straightforward, doesn’t require some expertise and once completed it will bring the iPhone to its original settings as the day you bought it.

The final precaution is wiping your fingerprint. You do that by launching Settings app, scrolling to Touch ID & Passcode and typing your pass code. Next you tap on the fingerprint you want to remove. Once you are done with that you simply press Delete Fingerprint and you are done. Only after doing that you can be 100% certain that your personal data is completely removed from your iPhone.



The first step is always checking the condition of your iPhone, does it have any scratches on its screen or screen, the condition of its battery, does the charger work properly, the condition of its headphones, the condition of the speakers as well as its mic, and basically everything you can think of and what can potentially affect its price. 

Take note of everything you find. That way you can see what can be easily fixed or repaired and what’s beyond repair. That’s a must step if you want to make the most of your old iPhone.



Once you are done identifying the “weak spots” of your iPhone you can try and make some improvements. With just few tricks that will cost you only pennies you can easily add ten or more pounds to the value of your iPhone. Here is what you can do:

-          If you have been nice to your iPhone than it’s probably only just wear around it edges. If not, than it probably looks like it has been run over by a bus. In that case there isn’t much that can be done about it. But what you can do is make sure that that your buttons and screen are nicely cleaned and shiny. You don’t need any special solvent to clean it. Just a bit of water or vinegar will do the trick.

-          Remove the protective case and it give a good rub as well. If its pass beyond cleaning than it’s not a bad idea to buy a new one as it will completely refresh the look of your iPhone.

-          Change your old screen protector with a new one, of course assuming you were using one. It’s cheap and yet it can mean a lot in the eyes of a potential buyer.

-          If some of the buttons isn’t working you can make some software tweaks to replace their function.

-          If the software is running slow you can always uninstall one or more of its apps. It is a simple trick that can make it run much faster.

-          In case your iPhone is really in a lousy condition and you don’t have the time, you are not a DIY kind a guy, or it is something that requires the touch of a professional, you can always take it to a specialized service that can make it shine in your behalf. Nowadays, there are plenty of affordable and highly professional services that can bring your iPhone to a pretty good condition.



Try to find out how much an iPhone such as yours; that is in a condition similar to the ones you have is worth. For start you can start browsing the classified ads and see for how much an iPhone such as yours goes. Be sure that you will come across hundreds of iPhones as there is a great deal of people who are looking for ways to make a penny more on their old iPhones. The main point is that you won’t need too much time to see for how much you can sell your old pet gadget. You can even post an ad and see first-hand how much people are ready to spend on it. The great thing about ads is that you don’t have to write a price and instead just ask people to five you offer. That should also give you a clue or two on its true value and its price range. If you are still not convinced what’s the true value of your iPhone you can check out big retailers such as eBay, Amazon and Alibaba and see for how much they sell there. 

Another way to learn how much your iPhone is worth is by using the services of a mobile phone valuer like www.sellsmartforcash.co.uk . There are plenty of mobile phones valuers that can be easily tracked via any of the major search engines such as Google and Bing. However, one needs to know that the same phone can have a completely value in a different country. Because of that it is essential to find one in your country and use its services. The thing is that an iPhone has one price in England and another one Italy and there is no point in using valuer from Italy if you reside in London or elsewhere in UK. 




Just because you need to sell your iPhone as soon as possible it doesn’t mean that you need to sell it right away to the first person that will offer to buy it. If you have some experience in selling staff than you know that you need to wait for more than one offer. Of course, if the offer is a really, really good you need to grab it. But, most experienced sellers will tell you that most first offers are low and many people will try to buy your gadget for the lowest possible value.


If your gadget is in a working condition you shouldn’t even consider that option. Most recycle companies won’t match your asking price or even close to that. Recycle companies are viable alternative only, and only if your iPhone is completely out of order and there is not worth repairing it you can sell it to sellsmartforcash  a good mobile phone recycling company in the UK. Then and only then it is recommended to contact a recycle company and find out how much they will offer you for it. Again, that doesn’t mean selling it to the first recycle company that will offer you money for your smartphone.

The best course of action is to contact few recycle companies that deal with old smartphones and get offers from everyone. Fortunately, nowadays that’s pretty easy as most of them have websites where you can easily check the value of any of your old gadgets, not just your iPhone. Only after you get offers from several recycle companies and reviewing them you can sell it to some of them.

Note that some recycle companies will cover all of the shipping costs, while others won’t. That’s something that also needs to be taken in consideration when selling a gadget to a recycle company and something that can significantly influence how much money you will get for your old gadget. Because of that its recommendable you get offers from local recycle companies and not from some that are at the far end of the country. Plus, it can easily happen that the recycle company has a centre near you so you won’t need to worry about shipping costs.


When it comes to making money from an old iPhone that is the worst possible idea. Not only that they are hard to dismantle, but even if you somehow manage to remove some of its parts it’s almost impossible to find market for spare parts. There aren’t too many people that bother with parts replacements in gadgets, especially when it comes to iPhones. Even if you find someone that shares your enthusiasm and needs that part don’t expect to get a great price for whatever part you might be selling. 

At the same time removing parts from an iPhone is pretty time consuming and unless you like doing that there is no point why do it and even then, as mentioned earlier, don’t expect to make some real money. Even if you remove all that it can be removed, you won’t get the same value as if you were selling it as one piece.



Even though some of the best tips are already mentioned in the lines above here are few more practical and effective tips that should add some extra value to your old iPhone. Each of them should contribute to making your iPhone reach it maximum selling price while being very attractive to potential buyers. You can sell your iphone 6 to sellsmartforcash UK’s Best mobile phone recycling company.

-          UNLOCK IT

There is a big price gap between locked and unlocked iPhone. If you won’t to sell your iPhone for top money don’t let that stand on your way and unlock it. That can easily add thirty or more percent to its prior value.

There are two ways to unlock an iPhone: by yourself or by someone else who is familiar with the process. However, if you are not into that or haven’t tried before don’t start now. The main reason is because you can make more damage than good.


If you have your papers in orders along with the original package you will make another important point – your iPhone is not a Chinese replica. Nowadays, there are thousands of replicas circling around. At the same time it’s not that easy to tell the difference between a replica and the real deal. Therefore, if you have your iPhone’s original papers, its original box it’s much easier to prove that you are selling a genuine iPhone and not some cheap Chinese replica.


The second thing that most people ask when buying a used smartphone is how the battery is. The good news is that if you bought your phone after September 2012 and before January 2013, and your battery is under-performing, Apple will replace it free of charge. If you don’t fall in that category, and you want a new battery, you will be charged. But again, that increases the value of your old iPhone and might be a smart investment.


When it comes to selling your old iPhone there is no better time than the present. The reason for suggesting that is that time is every gadget worst enemy and as time passes its value will decline rapidly. Every time when a new model is introduced the older models value starts to decline.

Everyone knows that the new iPhone 6 is out and that’s a pretty much the signal to sell its older relative as soon as possible. Some experts even recommend selling your old gadget prior to the release of a new model. But, considering that the iPhone is already out, that’s simply not possible and the only thing that can be done is don’t wait too long to sell your gadget. 

In case you fail to sell it in couple of month its current value will be only a fraction of what you can get for it at the moment. In a year or so, the only thing that you will be able to do with it is to take it to an e-waste removal site and leave it there. Therefore, if you want to make money from your iPhone don’t wait for that time to come.


Honesty is the best policy when selling second hand gadgets, not just iPhones. Any experienced salesperson will confirm that.  Regardless whether you are dealing with an individual or a company you need to be completely honest when asked about the condition of your iPhone and what the buyer needs to be aware of. The main reason is because a simple transaction can turn into a dispute or even a lawsuit.

The main point is not to be caught lying because the buyer will think that there might be something else wrong with the gadget that you are hiding from him. That ends up with either the buyer withdrawing its original offer or completely from the sale. In both cases, you will be the one on the losing side.

However, some companies won’t buy your gadget until some of their technicians inspect it. Whatever, you say won’t matter much to those guys as they are very thorough in their inspection. At the same time if you tell a recycle company give flat companies give flat rates for not responding gadgets and don’t bother with the details why the gadget stopped working or anything else. They will simply take it and tear it apart so each part is properly recycled. If they see that some part is in working condition they will not send it to the recycle line but will put it aside and send it to be reused.

What you need to do is to be descriptive as possible. Furthermore, list out each of the specs regardless of the fact that most people know them in their sleep. Finally, if possible wrap it in its original package. That means a lot both companies and people. It’s a positive sign that you have watched over your iPhone and that it is in a solid condition, even if sometimes isn’t that the case.


In case there is an increased demand for used iPhones their price is likely to grow. Because of that you should always keep an eye on the market and how other iPhones are selling. That way if that happen you can easily correct your asking price.

Last but not least, when that offer comes to you don’t hesitate to let go of your old iPhone. Yes, it has served you for quite some time, but now it’s time to move on to something better – iPhone 6.