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Sell iPhone 6 16 GB


Are you tired of using your old or fairly used iPhone 6 16 GB? If so, you don’t need to throw it to the trash basket! Do you know that you can make some cash out of the mobile phone by selling it off! You may be wondering how possible this can be! Sure! SellSmartForCash is here to help you out. We’re a renowned mobile recycling company operating in the UK. We specialize in buying all kinds of old mobile devices. We also buy fairly used and new phones from individuals who don’t wish to use them anymore! We can purchase that your iPhone 6 16 GB. All you need is to discover the right steps to take.


Why you might decide to sell you iPhone 6 16 GB

You don’t just wake up one day and decide to sell off your iPhone. There should be reasons for taking such a decision. Your iPhone 6 might be the old model that doesn’t meet your needs anymore. You might decide to sell it off and purchase a brand new iPhone with the latest features.

Secondly, your iPhone 6 might be outdated when it comes to functions. You might not be enjoying its services anymore. In this case, you should think of doing away with the device.

Thirdly, you may be tired of using the old iPhone. Perhaps, you’ve used it for many years. You simply want a change. You don’t need to discard the iPhone in your drawer. You can make some cash out of it by selling it off. SellSmartForCash is always ready to purchase such a device any time you wish.


Making Extra Cash by selling IPhone 6 16 GB


Sure, you can make extra cash by selling your old or broken iPhone 6. Aside from the reasons given above, you might decide to do away with your iPhone because of the problems it has been giving you. Among the common problems associated with iPhone 6 16GB include battery issues, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Issues, App Issues, iMessage Problems, Random Reboots, and a lot more. When such problems begin to showcase, you don’t need to stress your brain about them. You don’t even need to think about repairing the phone. You should rather think of selling it off to make some cash. SellSmartForCash is right here to help you out. We pay you handsome amount of cash for the old mobile phone. Instead of worrying about the ugly state of the device, you can make extra cash by selling it off to us.

Here at SellSmartForCash, we don’t select iPhones. We buy old and new iPhones. We also buy iPhones that are completely dead or damaged. If your iPhone is broken, you can still forward it to us. We’ve got the cash to pay you for it.

How much you’ll get actually depends on the present condition of your device. We usually pay higher amounts for iPhones that are still in order. You might decide to sell your fairly used iPhone simply because it’s no longer serving your network needs. We can pay you enough cash for that. In the same vein, we pay higher amounts for iPhone that are still very new. You might decide to purchase a brand new model of iPhone while you sell off the former one you’re having.

In any case, you can still make some cash if your iPhone is already dead or broken. We’ll pay you a reasonable amount after negotiating the details with you. There’s no cause for alarm. You can sell all manner of iPhones as you wish. The bottom line is that you must get paid at the end of the day.

We have always been in the business of buying old iPhones for many years now. We deal with thousands of customers from different parts of the UK and even beyond. We’ve paid out thousands of dollars in the mobile phone recycling business. Our clients have lots of positive reviews written in our favor. You can also hear the success stories of many of clients online. You can make further inquiries about selling your iPhone to us! We’ve got enough cash to pay out!


How to sell iPhone 6 16GB

For Cash

The process of selling of your old iPhone 6 is not a difficult one. It’s not even elaborate. It’s quite simple and direct. In the first place, you have to get the iPhone ready. You can assemble it in its old pack. If you don’t have the pack again, you can improvise. You can also request a free pack from SellSmartForCash. It will be sent to your address once the request is accepted.

After getting your iPhone ready, you simply need to visit www.sellsmartforcash.co.uk . You can go ahead to register your personal details and other necessary information about the device on the site. You don’t have to worry about losing your personal data since the website is properly secured with the latest security features.

Once you’re through with the registration, you can search the particular model of your iPhone 6 16GB right on our website. You’re sure to get the required result. You can easily discover the worth of your device before you think of making further contact.

It’s important you select your preferred payment gateway. Here at SellSmartForCash, we’re offering diverse payment systems to customers. You simply need to make your choice. The payment gateway will be used to settle you once the device is sold.

Once you’re sure everything is in place, you can go ahead to send the iPhone 6 to SellSmartForCash. You can use the free pack if you’ve requested for it. You can as well send the device by arranging it in a decent pack. We’ll receive the device within some hours through the post. Once we have it, we’ll go ahead to check its worth. We’ll have a one-on-one conversions or negotiation with you concerning the price of the device. At the end of it all, you’ll get paid based on the agreed details.


IPhone 6 Home Collection Service

Home Collection

Sure, you can send your old iPhone to us and get paid for it. However, you can still save yourself the stress by requesting our doorstep service. We have a team of employees who are usually dispatched to various locations to collect mobile devices. We can pick up your old mobile phone right at your doorstep. All you need is to provide your contact details. Our officials will try to locate you. They will also call you on phone for further details. You can have a great time when you meet with the selling officials.


What You Stand to Gain

There’s a lot you’ll gain when you decide to sell your iPhone 6 to SellSmartForCash. In the first place, our website is always up and running. You can hook up at any point you desire. All you need is to have a computer and a fast internet connection.

Aside from having a computer, you can still connect to our site through your mobile device. We’ve got the mobile-friendly version of our site. You can easily hook up while on the go.

You can be sure of enjoying speedy payment for the iPhone 6 you’ll sell to us. We don’t waste time in paying our customers. Once your mobile device is received and verified, we’ll negotiate the price details immediately. At the end of it all, you simply get paid. You don’t need to bother so much about this.

Meanwhile, there’s no limit to the number of iPhone 6 you can sell. If you’re having more than one, you can still sell them so long as you don’t want to use them anymore. You’ll be creating enough space for your new mobile device once you do away with the old one.

Here at SellSmartForCash, we offer special discount to individuals that bring old iPhones in bulk. You can make money as an agent with our company. You can gather mobile devices in their numbers and have them sold with ease. We’ll pay you extra cash for your efforts.


Meanwhile, SellSmartForCash has an excellent customer service support desk. You can reach us through email. All you need is to use the email ticketing system. You can also contact us on phone. We’ve got toll-free lines and other mobile lines. You can reach us during business hours. You can even reach us at some odd hours. You can be sure of getting a speedy response when you contact our customer support desk. We’ve got well trained customer support representatives who are always on ground to attend to the needs of customers.



Indeed, SellSmartForCash has got what it takes to make customers happy. You can easily sell off your old iPhone 6 16 GB at any time. You can be sure of making real cash in the process. You can even go ahead to purchase a brand new iPhone after selling off the old one. We’re always here to make it happen for you. You’ve got everything to gain when you do business with us.