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Do you know that you can make cool cash by selling off that your old mobile phone? Sounds great indeed! There’s no need to throw away your old mobile phone or allow it to rot in your drawer! You can exchange it for real cash! All you need is to discover the right move to make! You don’t need to worry so much about this! There are companies interested in buying your old phone! You’ve got to locate the best among them. SellSmartForCash is indeed the best company you can trust when it comes to selling your mobile! You’ve got to find out more about the firm.


Selling Your Mobile through SellSmartForCash

SellSmartForCash is a renowned UK based company that specializes in mobile phone recycling service. It achieves this aim by buying all manner of mobile devices from people. The company has been in the business for many years. It has recorded tremendous feats in the mobile recycling industry. It’s currently taking the lead when it comes to buying mobile phones from users. Here are some facts you need to grab about the company:

  • Since inception, the company has continued to buy millions of mobiles from thousands of individuals across the UK and even beyond. The company’s profile in the mobile recycling industry is always on the rise. You can make lots of cash by selling your mobile through the firm.


  • SellSmartForCash has a unique way of helping people sell their mobiles. The process is quite easy and fast. You don’t have to stress your brain. All you need is to go by the simple steps. You’ll discover more about that in this write-up.


  • The great company runs a user-friendly e-commerce website where you can easily send your phone for sale. All you need is to visit www.sellsmartforcash.co.uk to enjoy the best of service. The website is always up and running. It’s devoid of viruses and malware. You can always hook up with the site from any part of the globe. You don’t have to worry so much about network hiccups when you do business with the company’s officials.


  • SellSmartForCash has paid thousands of dollars to thousands of mobile phone users who deemed it fit to sell their phones. The payment is usually instant. You don’t have to worry a bit about this.


  • Excellent customer support is the hallmark of the mobile recycling firm. You can easily reach the company’s officials through email. You can call the toll free number made available. You can also reach them through other mobile and land lines. You can as well enjoy live chat with the officials at any time. You can make inquiries or ask questions. You’re sure to get the required answer.


The Process of selling My Mobile

Here at SellSmartForCash, you don’t have to stress your brain just to sell your mobile. There’s a simple step you’ve got to take. Just take a look at the following tips:

  • Start by visiting www.sellsmartforcash.co.uk. You need to create an account on the website. You don’t have to waste time on this. The registration process is very fast. You simply need to key in your personal details. Your email, address, mobile no, and other simple details might be required. You don’t have to worry about losing your sensitive personal data. Our website is secured with the latest encryption technology. We don’t share customer’s data with a third party.


  • After signing up with the company, you can go ahead to search for your mobile phone model. You simply need to key in the brand and every other required detail. We’ve got all models of mobile phones in our data base. Your search will yield result in a jiffy. You’ll see your phone’s model and its worth. This will guide you in taking the right decision towards selling it off.


  • You’ve got to choose your best payment system on the website. We offer all kinds of payment gateways. You’ve got to make your choice. We’ll need the payment system when settling you with real cash in future.


  • Get set to package your mobile device after the registration process. There are two options you can take here. In the first place, you can request for our free sales pack. We’ll deliver that to your location. You can go ahead to use it in packaging your phone before sending it to us. You can also provide your custom sales pack as you wish. You can also use the phone’s original pack if you still have it.


The second option to take here is to request for home pickup service. Here at SellSmartForCash, we have well trained officials who come from home to home to pick mobile phones. You can save yourself the headache of packaging the phone by going for this option. All you need is to call us on phone. You have to give us the right direction to follow. You’re sure of enjoy the home pickup service.


  • After packaging your mobile device, the next step you’ll take is to send it to us. We’ve made available free postal service to all our customers. You don’t have to spend a dime to send the phone to us. You simply need to follow the postal sending process.


  • The final step of selling your mobile is to get paid at last. Once we receive your mobile package, we’ll check out its cash value. We may need to negotiate the price with you if necessary. Once everything is settled, you’re sure of getting paid.


Hence, you’ve got to make the right move today! You can make cool cash selling your mobile to us. We’re always here to meet customers. You’ve got everything to gain when you link up with SellSmartForCash.


Which brand and model of mobile is accepted?


This is always a common question on the lips of many of our clients. Here at SellSmartForCash, we don’t select mobile phones. We accept all manner of iPhones and ordinary mobile phones. We also accept all mobile brands whether old or new. You don’t need to worry about this. You can start searching your drawers right now. Get those old mobiles and start sending them to us. You can be sure of getting paid when you send them to the right direction.


My mobile is dead! Can I still sell it?

Dead Phones

Sure! You can still sell off you dead mobile phone. We can pay you real cash for it. We have a way of recycling all kinds of dead mobile phones. You don’t need to worry about the present condition of the device. You should only be thinking of how to package it and send it to us. We’re always here to help you out.

Aside from dead mobiles, we still accept broken phones. Perhaps, your phone is broken beyond repair. You don’t need to throw it away. We can pay you real cash for it. All you need is to make the right move.

Furthermore, you can sell your fairly used mobile. Perhaps, the mobile device is no longer serving your needs. May be, the model is outdated. These days, new mobile phones with awesome features are coming out. You might decide to go for a change. You might be looking for a phone you can use to browse the internet. You don’t have to throw away the fairly used one. You don’t even need to keep it on your desk or drawer. You can make huge amount of money by selling it off. We’re here to exchange your mobile with real cash.


How much can I get when I sell my Mobile?

For Cash

This is yet another common question among many of our clients. Sure! You can be sure of getting paid when you sell your mobile to us. However, the payment meant for the mobile devices vary a lot. The present condition of your mobile determines how much you’ll get. If your mobile phone is still working, you can be sure of getting a better pay for it. If the device is fairly used and still in good condition, you’ll also get a better pay. We might even pay you an amount that will be very close to the original amount you purchased the device.

Again, we still pay some amount of cash if your mobile is old, broken or cracked. The amount you’ll get depends on the present condition of the device. We equally pay some amount of cash for dead and useless mobiles. You can see that you have everything to gain. One thing is sure! You’ll always get paid despite the present condition of your mobile.



The mobile phone recycling business is booming! Thousands of people are selling off their old and damaged mobiles right now! You’ve got to join the bandwagon. SellSmartForCash is always here to buy off your mobile. You can visit our website from the confines of your room. You simply need to make the right contact. We’re always here to pay you real cash for your mobile. Just link up with our officials today!