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Sell Your Old Phone

What Happens with Your Mobile When You Sell Your Old Phone to Recycle?

When you buy a new phone with novel features, you surely need to get rid of your old phone. Did you ever wonder what will happen once you sell your old phone? Here you will be able to find the answers for this question

Process of Recycling

The first step of the recycling process is sorting the phones. At first, they sort them into phones, packages, accessories and handsets, etc. Then they sort the phones according to their condition, battery type, and models. Phones contain a lot of items such as metals, plastic and paper.

Back on Shelves of Second-hand Market

In modern countries people don’t consider about using reconditioned phones. But in third world countries there is a huge market for these phones. So if your old phone was in a good condition when you sold it for recycling, perhaps your phone is going to end up with another user from a third world country. So remove all your personal data before you selling your phone . Even though your phone had some minor damages but the recycling companies will repair them before sending again to market. The companies which buy your damaged and worn-out mobile phones do some repairs and they are able to make it look like a brand new phone. About 75 percent of the recycled mobile phones are refurbished and sold in the market.

Reuse of Parts After You Sell Your Old Phone

When you sell your old phone that no longer can be furbished, the buyer will separate the parts such as connectors, circuit boards, displays, keyboards, aerials and lenses. They willsell your old phone parts as spare parts in the market or will use them to repair other phones. And they will recover valuable parts such as flash memory devices and resell them too to make some money.

Making Use of Metals out of the Old Phones

You can sell your old phone even if it is not renewable and is totally broken up and separated into pieces. Your will go through a process which is also known as “above-ground mining”. Phone’s circuit boards contain small amounts of gold, silver, copper, lead and platinum. The buyers use different techniques to take out these precious metals. However you must not try this on your own as it may cause some health issues. This is the way you can help to save resources and energy needed for the extraction of those metals.

Making Use of Plastics in Your Phone

The plastic found in phones are melted to make different items such as traffic cones, plastic wood planks, shipping pallets and sheets. The paper in the packages will be sent to local recyclers for further recycling
So when you sell your old phone it may end up in many ways. By selling your phone for recycling you can ensure that it won’t cause any damage to the environment. Hence if you sell your old phone for recycling, you are not actually saving some money but also saving the environment.

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Sell your old phone for recycling instead of keeping in drawer. This is the best way for an individual to extend some help to save the environment and the mother earth